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Embodied Wisdom: Transform Workshop

Embodied Wisdom: Transform workshop


Ripe with discovery of old patterns that we have repeatedly followed, we can feel frustrated and begin to feel our energy building up.  In the past we may have sought to dissipate this energy, but we have now clearly seen and felt where that has taken us.  We have had enough of this!   Now building up our energy, we see new choices in our lives.  This is not just a mental exercise. There are rhythms to our expression. Learning new ways to move our bodies and redirect our energy is essential in our creation of new things.  Join us for this tour through the essential rhythms of our transformation.


There are 12 basic rhythms of consciousness, each has a specific anchor within our experience of our body, breath, and ability to move.  In this workshop you will learn how to embrace your rhythms and move your body, breath, and focus attention to find our courage and strength to move to the other side.  


Saturday November 8, 2014

10-12 am



This workshop is expected to fill quickly.  Prerequisite:  Discover workshop or private SRI introduction. To reserve your space e-mail or call (512)608-1207 for registration information.